mid-winter's spring cleaning

Well it had to happen at some point. The blog is changing. I've decided to make myself a more professional looking website to present my music and hunt for freelance work. Meanwhile, I didn't want to just delete this blog and the tutorials on it because they are still quite popular, for some weird reason. 

I've wanted to make a Klystrack resource site for a while now so I decided I would just turn this blog into precisely that. I've removed all the non-Klystrack posts and I will be re-editing the tutorials to better reflect the changes in recent versions. 

Along with that, I have setup a file section where I will be hosting instrument libraries, keymaps and example songs for people to download and abuse of. I don't have much hosting on this here blog, but I should be able to squeeze in a few tracking files.

So bear with me for a bit while I noodle about the site and change stuff.